Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy is an educational experience that helps you develop the skills needed to promote personal growth and change.

Psychotherapy is a process involving an exploration of both past and present thoughts, feelings and experiences. After a thorough initial evaluation, sometimes aided by the use of standardized assessment measures, Dr. Bellow will explore with you how your past experiences may influence your views in the present and how the various interpretations of those experiences may contribute to pain, conflict and ineffective action. By becoming aware of how thoughts, behaviors and feelings are connected, you can learn how to change your perceptions of life events and choose to respond differently. These changes can be woven into strategies that can be applied lifelong to work toward positive change and improved life satisfaction.

Psychotherapy can help you to improve relationships; adjust to life changes such as loss, separation, divorce, or remarriage; develop assertiveness skills; improve self-esteem; reduce anxiety and depression and related symptoms; diminish vulnerability to stress; cope effectively with unexpected events and other stressors; and create lifestyle changes.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy focuses on improving communication to establish and maintain greater connection and responsiveness. This is a process that takes into consideration the social and cultural context within which the individuals and the relationship itself exist.

A healthy relationship is founded on the ability of the partners to express concerns and recognize and resolve problems through clear communication that conveys warmth, understanding, respect and acceptance. Most couples are at times challenged by disagreements or differences influenced by individual personality styles, values, preferences, needs and personal backgrounds. In a healthy relationship partners demonstrate awareness of these differences and the patterns of behavior, needs and feelings that direct their actions. Recognizing and resolving potential sources of conflict and actual conflicts through improved problem solving and negotiation are skills the couple will learn during a course of couples therapy.

Dr Bellow helps couples understand how they relate to one another and identify and implement changes in expectations and behavior to help restore feelings of warmth and caring and healthy interactions.